SLACK! Deux-Caps Art Festival

September 5th, 6 pm - 8 pm - Audinghen (62)

Voyage of the drum

During this ceremony of the sea, Pierre Redon invites you for a drum journey, which will take place in a secret place at the heart of Haringzelles wood.
Pierre Redon is a go-between. He begins by observing and listening to the place he invests. Then, like the shamans, he proposes initiation ceremonies, hypnosis sessions and ritual experiences which offer participants a way of surpassing themselves and letting go through this magical experience.


Leaving from the Maison du Site des Deux-Caps, Audinghen (62)
Free event, limited places (from 8 years)
Reservations at the Maison du Site des Deux-Caps.
on 03 21 21 62 22 or contactsitedesdeuxcaps@pasdecalais.fr

SLACK! Deux-Caps Art Festival

Deux-Caps Art Festival invites you to (re)-discover the Site des Deux-Caps : fourteen contemporary artists are creating works with regard to its geography, respond to its geological and cultural history, dialogue with its special beauty, and surprise everyone.


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