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Lichen – interactive book (in English)


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BOOK -12x19cm- 256 color pages
BILINGUAL (French / English)

EXTRAIT (play it with headphones):

Hida Viloria

This interactive book works with the smartphone and tablet app “Lichen” aivalaible on Appstore and Androïd market.

This creation, directed by Pierre Redon, is a reflection on the themes of “Body, gender & sexuality”. It addresses the issues of normality, hermaphroditism and empathetic medicine and explores how these themes find echoes outside of the Western world, through a work of ethnographic fiction.

The interactive book is a journey through 200 pages of photography that interweave with the sound creations available from the smartphone application.

  • If you don’t have any smartphone or tablet, the book contain a personal code to download the sound work on your computer.


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