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Remnants or the foundations of Cyberecology

Marche Sonore in Saint-Ouen-l'Aumône


Chbani Lahoussine - extract in french


The creation

Industrial wastelands, abandoned railways, human remains within the abbey, this Sound Walk touches upon the remnants of human activity.

Cybernetics date from antiquity as a governing art; heavy responsibilities were given to ship pilots in the course of war operations. In the 50s, Weiner defined cybernetics as the knowledge of a set of phenomena that can appear within a belligerent, mechanical, biological or other form of system, together with the implementation of the communication required for effective action. The aim devoid of any metaphysical aspect.

Cyberecology underlines how mankind, in separating himself from nature, establishes a distance from and a power over his environment which ensures him his essential primary living conditions. The town, and especially the new town, built from above by politicians and technicians, stands as a social and a technological machine. It reflects a pragmatic trend in land planning, a faith, a belief carried by science, where the successive ideologies of modernity -positivism, scientism, humanism, hygienism, materialism, etc- are borne by the collective unconscious and education, allowing man to free himself from the bondage of nature through technology.

A walking experience

The Marche Sonore

The Marches Sonores (Sound Walks) are hybrid projects, somewhere between graphic, sound and documentary creations, giving a reading of a territory through its inhabitants, through soundscape and human ecology.

Each participant is invited to follow a route with the help of an MP3 walkman and a map specially designed for each project. The encounters, organised as surveys, are cast in the form of interviews; The Walks lead from one point to another and from one person to another.

They last approximatively 3 hours, including 1h20 of listening to sound creations and interviews.

The Marches Sonores (Sound Walks) can be performed at any time of the year in the vicinity of Paris, Limoges, Aubusson, Mulhouse.


How to?

This Marche Sonore is available only in French. Anyway, if you want to experience it, simply go to the office of the abbey de Maubuisson contemporary art center and ask for an MP3 player, buy the CD & Map and go a walk.

  • Duration : 4h
  • Price : 10€ / per group with CD & Map included
  • Infos : Abbaye de Maubuisson 01 34 64 36 10

  • Produced by

    Abbaye de Maubuisson
    Musée départemental de l’Éducation du Val-d’Oise