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Lichen - Body, gender & sexuality

Book & app - 2013

Extract -listen with headphones-

Hida Viloria

bilingual French / English

The interactive book

This new creation will be available in three versions from the smartphone application : French, English and the original version as recorded (Fr / Eng).

The interactive book is a journey through 200 pages of photography.

A QR code allows the user to download the app for free. The user is then autonomous and can experience the interactive book. From chapter to chapter, sound tracks are triggered by new QR codes that you can find on the pages. A relationship images, voices and sound creations then emerges.

The sound tracks, as binaural recordings, are designed to be listened with headphones thus reproducing the sensation of natural sound.

photos and sounds

The work

Commissioned by the city of Reims, this new creation from Pierre Redon took shape at the beginning of 2012. In January, a public open call spread in the city, offered the opportunity for Reims’s cityzen to gave a testimony about theire vision and praticing about gender and sexuality.

A second series of interviews were collected during cessions of hypnosis an empathic medecine that reveals the sensitive body.

Pierre Redon took his site-specific work in sound and cartography one step further with a series of photographs that combine performance art, installation, fictionary and documentary work.

This creation is a reflection on the themes of “Body, gender & sexuality”. It addresses the issues of normality, hermaphroditism and empathetic medicine and explores how these themes find echoes outside of the Western world, through a work of ethnographic fiction.

The artist

Pierre Redon

For an artist of his generation, Pierre Redon is now creating a very singular work, in which ecological and anthropological concerns are at the heart of the use of a wide range of mediums. He travels constantly between sound creations, film making, anthropological and sociological research, the making of documentaries, photography, cartography and art visual creation.

Since 2007 he has developed the concept of Marches Sonores and has already created five major works with institutional partners or associations such as the contemporary art center of l’Abbaye de Maubuisson, the Val d’Oise Departemental Museum of Education, the Ballons des Vosges Natural Regional Parc and the non profit organisation Quartier Rouge.

He is currently developing two new works, the Marche Sonore «Body, Gender and Sexuality» for the City of Reims and on a much more important scale, the Marche Sonore of the rivers the Vienne and the Loire for the Ministry of Culture, co-produced with Quartier Rouge, the Région Limousin, the Commune du Plateau de Gentioux and the Région Poitou-Charente.